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Bounce is a handsome dog with excellent pure kelpie markings. His best trait is yard work and he is fearless and carries a strong, defiant bark. He is also a tremendous backing dog. Bounce became part of Marabou Kelpie Stud at 18 months of age. After private negotiation with Michael Johnston from Milburn Creek Stud, it was a mutual agreement to swap Marabou Jimmy for Milburn Bounce.

SIRE Yallaroi Toss
DAM Capree Lara
DOB 19/10/2006

Marabou Romarnie

Marnie is an exceptional looking female like her mother Stella. She has beautiful black and tan markings. Marnie is extremely forceful in yard work. She is a tremendous backing dog with plenty of push.

SIRE Coogee Trooper
DAM Marabou Stella
DOB 2/02/2014

Marabou Stella

Stella is a great all round worker. She is an exceptional looking female Kelpie type. Stella is our top breeder within the Stud. She has the same bloodlines as the 2010 Australian Yard Dog Champion ‘Marabou Jimmy’.

SIRE Coogee Wonder
DAM Philscreek Bella
DOB 4/07/2009

Video Footage of Sailor

Back in 2003 as ambassadors for Pedigree, a team came to Marabou property to film a 30 second advertisement over 3 days. They also took the time to take some extra footage shown in the first vimeo. A past favourite kelpie named 'Sailor' featured in the advertisement. To see full footage, please click on the word 'vimeo' bottom right of each advertisement.