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For the past 25 years, the stud has worked hard on breeding kelpies to the standard required by the modern stockman. This derives from the dog's characteristics, genetics and/or hereditary factors. The main traits we look for in a well-bred working dog are:

  • Eye: Keeping control of sheep with anticipation and balance.
  • Back and Bark: The dog's ability to force sheep against their will.
  • Heading: The desire to run or cast to the lead of the sheep

As well as plenty of work, kelpies need good nutrition and fresh water daily, which is why we highly recommend Pedigree Working Dog Formula. Pedigree products provide the dogs with a complete healthy diet to get through their day's work. All dogs should have great resting and sleeping quarters. Marabou Kelpie cages are built above ground with an open area with timber slated floors. At the back of each cage is a sheltered sleeping area with an extra door access for topping up food bowls and attending to their bedding.


Jack Body - Glenlogie Stud

A top dog is one that has a lot of anticipation and sees trouble before it happens, and moves into position to block it. His master must have stock sense to appreciate this type of dog.